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We Are a Company Passionate in Helping Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Grow In The Online World.
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Tain Brae Web Solutions

Tain Brae Web Solutions offer a fresh new approach to web design at the fraction of the cost of most other companies with our All-Inclusive Web Design Packages. We help and support our SME customers to drive and convert more business by creating sophisticated and affordable eCommerce and transactional based website solutions.

Tain Brae Marketing

Tain Brae Internet Marketing help and support our SME customers to drive and convert more business  with a integrated social media strategy. our We make social media easy and affordable with a range of all-inclusive plans to boost your online presence and drive traffic and sales to your website.

Tain Brae Cloud

Tain Brae World can help SME business understand the opportunities in the Cloud and learn how to take advantage of them. The main benefit of the cloud for an SME is it no longer has to worry about large up-front IT costs. The cloud is completely scalable, meaning an SME can increase and decrease the number of users depending on current business needs and number of employees.

Tain Brae Consulting

Tain Brae Consulting focus on assisting SME companies to quickly assess opportunities and drive sales within the service provider market including Managed Service providers, Telcos, Mobile Operators, Virtual Network Operators, Hosting Companies and System Integrators.

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